Every graduate dreams of seeing his first sunrise and celebrating "adult life" beginning brightly and unforgettably

Luxury dresses, stylish suits, flowers, lavish banquet, teachers' farewell speeches, smiles, tears. This party is not only celebration  of graduation. It is like a stage of transition of former schoolchildren to a new adult life. 

Memory of school graduation remains with us for life.  That's why you should not stop your choice on ordinary establishments. Для Вашего выпускного Glibivka Holiday hotel is ready to provide all the necessary entourage for your graduation. Fresh air, pine forest, picturesque landscapes, unusual locations for photo shoots, excellent restaurant cuisine, activity on the territory - our  complex has everything to make your graduation unforgettable. All of these things, combined with an interesting show program, will make this night the brightest.

And of course, do not forget about the tradition of meeting your first adult sunrise - it is not only romantic and beautiful, but also very symbolic.  A whole stage of life is ending. New horizons and new adult life are ahead. Celebrating your graduation in Glibivka Holiday hotel you have a unique opportunity to meet sunrise on the shore of the Kyiv Sea and admire the first rays of the sun touching the blue water surface

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