14 categories of cottages for every taste and wish for unforgettable stay of our guests

Cottages are made of eco-friendly materials. They are designed for 10 guests maximally depending on the category and contain all necessary household appliances and furniture for a comfortable stay and sleep. The kitchen is equipped with fridge, microwave, electric kettle, hob, necessary kitchen utensils set.

Cottages are ideal for outdoors fans. Porches and balconies of cottages seem to be created  for privacy and enjoy the beautiful nature and magnificent  landscapes. Spending time outdoors is the best way to restore strength and harmony and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

Villa Studio

from ₴ 3050

One-storey houses of 25-35 m² with a porch. The interior is simple, unobtrusive, warm colored, cozy and homelike. The cottage will be a great option for quiet relax and comfortable family vacation

Villa Studio Deluxe

from ₴ 3500

One-storey house of 35 m² after major repairs. Modern furniture and appliances, stylish interior, light and calm decoration tones create a special comfort for your carefree relaxation

Villa Premier

from ₴ 3500

Two-storey houses of 39-65 m² with their own barbecue area. The stylish and modern interior of the cottages, bright decor colors and thoughtful design are focused on your practical and comfortable stay

Villa Waterside

from ₴ 4000

Two-storey house of 120m² is on the first coastline. The interior of the cottage is cozy and practical. A separate location, own beach and barbecue areas will provide you with quiet and measured rest

Villa Premier Modern

from ₴ 4400

One-storey house of 53 m² with a spacious porch. The interior of the cottage is modern, stylish, with interesting color combinations. The location of the cottage, an individual pier to the Kiev Sea and barbecue area will allow to enjoy your full rest

Villa Apartments

from ₴ 4700

One-storey houses of 78m² with a spacious porch for relaxation with a company of friends. Mini-library, a large number of windows, high ceilings, luxury, delicate interior and elegant furniture will make your stay chic and unforgettable

Villa Premier Luxe

from ₴ 6500

Two-storey house with of 88m² after renovation with its own barbecue area. Stylish and modern interior of the cottage, bright colors in decoration and thoughtful design are focused on your practical and comfortable stay

Villa Family

from ₴ 4800

Two-storey houses of 65-95 m² with a summer porch. Cottages of this category can provide various accommodation options for a large family or a company of friends. Necessary cottage equipment, simple, practical and homelike interior are able to satisfy any guest's wishes

Villa Family Modern

from ₴ 4800

Two-storey house of 65 m² is after reconstruction. The interior of the house is modern and cozy. Interesting interior design and color solutions, modern furniture and appliances will make your stay bright and unforgettable

Villa Provence

from ₴ 5250

A two-storey house of 75 m² with a summer porch is located in a quiet part of the base. The interior of the house is light, bright, romantic and airy, in Provence style. Rural ease, warm colors, floral patterns will not leave you cold and make your stay quiet and calm

Villa No.38

from ₴ 5500

One-storey house of 70 m² with attic and a summer porch for company of friends relaxation. Warm and light colors, stylish and modern decor, spacious layout, visually pleasing details are created for comfort, practicality and coziness lovers

Villa Exclusive

from ₴ 7100

Two-storey house of 156m² for a company of friends relaxation. A mini-library, color interior schemes, natural materials, ethnic motives and art deco elements will not leave you cold and present a real exquisite and luxury relax

Villa No. 39

from ₴ 8100

Two-storey house of 101 m² with a summer porch for a large company of friends. Improved kitchen, panoramic windows, spacious layout, modern and stylish interior will make your stay practical and comfortable

Villa VIP-Chalet

from ₴ 8400

One-storey houses of 150m² with a summer porch. Panoramic windows, high ceilings, mini-library, spaciousness, wooden décor and exquisite interior decoration of the cottages suggest to carefree and comfortable relaxation